Service Oklahoma 7262 Formerly Known as... Central Park Tag

You may know us as Central Park Tag Agency in Broken Arrow. We are now Service Oklahoma 7262. This is your one-stop-shop for all Oklahoma government services! 

Driver's license renewals, new and renewals of OK ID's, REALid, out of state transfers.

Title and registration of your vehicle or motorcycle, boat & motors, ATV or off-road toys.

Pikepass issuance, notary services, fax/copy/email.

Driver License/Realid Hours

Driver License/Realid Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm with a late start day that rotates weekly.

Week of July 15-19 schedule is as follows:  Late start day for DL's is THURSDAY the 18th @ 9am

M, T, W, FR is 7am

***We DO NOT process DL's/REALiD's/OK Id's on Saturdays***



Service Oklahoma

About Service Oklahoma Online

"Welcome to Service Oklahoma Online, we believe that accessing government services should be a hassle-free experience. That's why our goal is to simplify the way you interact with everything the Oklahoma tag agencies have to offer. We are committed to providing a best-in-class customer experience that's easy, efficient, and supportive of your needs. Our team of experts are dedicated to making the process of accessing licenses, titles tags and all services Tag agencies used to offer and more. Our goal is to make that as simple and straightforward as possible. We provide up-to-date information and resources to help you navigate the complex world of Oklahoma services, ensuring you have everything you need to interact with state services. Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that we're always here to answer your questions and provide support when you need it. Join the thousands of satisfied Oklahoman's who trust us for a hassle-free and efficient experience with government services."

Welcome to Service Oklahoma 7262

All Services


Registration and Titling Services

Service Oklahoma Online is authorized to provide the following services that apply to automobiles, motorcycles, boats, motors, ATVs, commercial vehicles and trailers.


Dealer Services

Dealer Services

We offer a separate department just for dealerships.
For more information ask for Kirsten or Ryan at 918.259.3004

If you are an out of state dealership needing help with title work or fees associated, please contact Denise at 918.251.2659


Driver License and Real ID Services

  • Driver's License (new, renew, replace lost/stolen)
  • Oklahoma Identification Card (new, renew, replace lost/stolen)
  • REALiD driver's license issuance
  • Out of State Transfers
  • Handicap Placard Application
  • Driver Manuals



PikePass/notary/fax and misc Services

Service Oklahoma 7262 is authorized by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to provide these services:

  • To issue pikepasses with authorized confirmation.
  • To open a new pikepass account or to add to an existing account go to
  • NOT authorized to accept monthly payments or account close out payments
  • We provide notary services at $5 per stamp
  • We can fax/copy (black & white only)/email documents for a fee

What Our Clients Say

"Love Service Oklahoma! Great place.  All were friendly and  helpful."

Service Oklahoma
Sue J.

Broken Arrow, OK

"Service Oklahoma is definitely all about service. I was able to do everything through their online portal"

Service Oklahoma
Jack B.

Tahlequah, OK

Service Oklahoma: Pioneering the Future of Customer Service

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is essential for both businesses and governments to keep up with the demands and expectations of the modern consumer. From streamlined processes to efficient service delivery, the need to constantly innovate is more pressing than ever. This is where Service Oklahoma steps in, reshaping the way residents and businesses interact with their state.

What is Service Oklahoma?

Service Oklahoma is an initiative aimed at providing Oklahomans with a seamless, user-friendly experience when interacting with their state. Whether it’s obtaining a new driver’s license, paying taxes, or seeking information about state services, Service Oklahoma ensures that users can accomplish their goals with ease and efficiency. By centralizing and digitizing numerous processes, this initiative has made many tedious tasks simpler and faster.

The Vision Behind Service Oklahoma

The vision behind Service Oklahoma is to put the user first. Gone are the days when citizens had to jump through hoops, visit multiple offices, or wait in long queues to get their tasks done. Today, through the Service Oklahoma platform, users can access a multitude of services with just a few clicks.

Moreover, Service Oklahoma isn't just about convenience. It also signifies a broader commitment to transparency, accountability, and improved service quality. By harnessing the power of technology, the state can now offer its citizens real-time updates, trackable service requests, and a responsive feedback mechanism.

Service Oklahoma's Pillars of Excellence

Several pillars underpin the success of Service Oklahoma:

  1. Digital Transformation: Service Oklahoma is a testament to the state's commitment to embracing digital solutions. By offering a plethora of online services, residents can now complete many of their administrative tasks from the comfort of their homes.
  2. User-centric Design: The Service Oklahoma platform is designed with the user in mind. Its intuitive interface ensures that users of all ages and tech-savviness levels can navigate the platform with ease.
  3. Data Security: In today's digital age, the importance of data security cannot be overstated. Service Oklahoma uses advanced encryption and cybersecurity measures to ensure users' personal information is protected at all times.
  4. Feedback Loop: Service Oklahoma recognizes the importance of continuous improvement. The platform actively encourages user feedback, ensuring that it evolves according to the needs and expectations of Oklahomans.

Benefits of Service Oklahoma

The advantages of Service Oklahoma are multifaceted:

  • Time-saving: With the power to access services online, citizens no longer need to spend hours at government offices.
  • Accessibility: Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, Service Oklahoma is accessible from any device with internet connectivity.
  • Environmental Benefits: By reducing the need for paper forms and in-person visits, Service Oklahoma contributes to a more eco-friendly administration.
  • Economic Efficiency: Digital transformation means reduced administrative costs. These savings can then be redirected to other vital state initiatives.

Embracing the Future with Service Oklahoma

As the world leans further into the digital era, it’s heartening to see initiatives like Service Oklahoma leading the way. By placing emphasis on user experience, digital accessibility, and constant innovation, Service Oklahoma sets a standard not just for other states, but for governments worldwide.

In conclusion, Service Oklahoma represents more than just a digital service platform. It embodies a forward-thinking vision where state administration is efficient, responsive, and user-centric. For the residents of Oklahoma, this means better services, quicker response times, and a more connected relationship with their state. The initiative underscores the importance of adapting to the times, and Oklahoma, through Service Oklahoma, has shown that it's not only keeping up with the times but is also paving the way forward.

Welcome to Service Oklahoma

What exactly does Service Oklahoma mean and how can it benefit Oklahomans?

With Service Oklahoma, Oklahomans can renew their driver license as well as vehicle and boat registration online; those looking for their first driver license or transitioning from another state must make an in-person appearance.

Kerbs and Hall began exploring ways to modernize and standardize how we provide services to Oklahoma citizens in 2019. Together, they led a bipartisan working group with the objective of offering Oklahomans a more efficient system for receiving driver license and motor vehicle services.

At our core, our aim is to streamline how you interact with all that the government offers you. We aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience that's easy and supportive of your needs.

Find out how to apply or renew for a Driver's License, check your status and make changes, as well as make any other necessary updates to your license.

On May 19th 2022, Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law HB3419 which established Service Oklahoma after nearly one year of hard work by Representative Dell Kerbs and Senator Chuck Hall.

Kerbs and Hall began exploring ways to modernize and standardize how services are delivered to Oklahomans in 2019. Working as part of a bipartisan working group, their goal was to offer Oklahomans an easier system for receiving driver license and motor vehicle services.

Oklahomans can renew their driver license and registrations online for vehicles and boats registered to them; new applicants or those from another state transferring must appear in person to complete these processes.

Oklahomans can renew their driver license as well as registrations for vehicles and boats online. Newcomers to Oklahoma or those transferring from another state will need to appear in person for this process.

"Our intent here was for both entities to focus on their core missions - public safety for one and customer service for another," Doyle stated.

Oklahoma residents looking to renew or obtain Real IDs will still need to visit one of the 33 Department of Public Safety locations statewide in order to do so, though both their information and employees have moved over to Service Oklahoma.

The new entity assumed responsibility with an aim to address Oklahomans' frustration with long lines, wait times and delays when applying for or renewing driver's licenses.

Oklahomans looking for Real ID or renewing their driver's license have begun using a new government entity this week.

This new entity plans on adding more services and locations over time, as well as plans to bring on board tag agencies already operating under it.

New Driver License and ID Card, Vehicle Registration Renewal, Boat Registration Renewal and Real ID(r) applications - Learn about and apply for REAL ID(r) today, update license address information or purchase specialty plates to renew/replace DL's.


Service Oklahoma Home

Oklahomans Supporting Oklahomans
Service Oklahoma is unwavering in our commitment to being Americas most customer centric state. Our dedication ensures that we always prioritize the needs of those who entrust us with their business - setting ourselves apart from other states. This approach defines what makes Service Oklahoma unique and exceptional.

Welcome to Service Oklahoma
The founders of this organization shared a common frustration with the difficulties faced by citizens when accessing basic government services. They believed that there had to be an alternative approach towards serving fellow Oklahomans better - one which would ease their stress levels while providing them with exceptional experiences. Our mission statement is straightforward: we aim at simplifying accessibility for all individuals seeking assistance from public agencies through proactive measures rather than relying on reactionary tactics alone. By designing our offerings around your needs specifically making it easy-to understand and available whenever required; we hope to make life easier for everyone involved! Join us in revolutionizing how people interact with government bodies today!
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on government services in Oklahoma legislators established Service Oklahoma. This initiative aims at providing citizens with easy accessibility of essential driver and motor vehicle related tasks such as obtaining licenses or registering vehicles under one roof. With this service available residents can now avoid navigating through multiple departments within different agencies for their needs while ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations. The specialty license plates are also included under this umbrella service making it an efficient way for people get things done quickly without any hassles.
Our aim of delivering exceptional services is no small feat and requires unwavering dedication. We understand that changing longstanding inefficiencies takes time - hence why there exists a certain perception associated with DMVs. As we work towards achieving this vision please bear with us while providing feedback along the way; your input will shape our future efforts! Our commitment lies within listening carefully to what you have to say so that we may continually improve upon ourselves for better service delivery.<s> making sure everyone benefits from it.

As trusted stewards of this legislative mandate we recognize the gravity of our responsibility. We understand that balancing long term objectives with immediate needs is crucial for providing seamless services from day one onward for you. Our focus will always be centered around enhancing your experience through product development, process optimization and most importantly investing heavily into cultivating growth opportunities for all team members working towards achieving these goals alongside us.

At Service Oklahoma we're committed to creating a culture of service excellence and prioritizing exceptional experiences for our customers. This shared value resonates deeply with all Oklahomans who understand that when everyone works together towards this goal - great things can happen! Our team at Service Oklahoma is driven by the desire needed to turn this vision into reality through collaboration, innovation & productivity. We believe in making an impact on those around us while providing top notch services along the way. Join us as we continue building relationships based on trust & reliability across Oklahoma!

As proud Oklahomans we understand the importance of making our state a great place to live and work. Our services have an impact on your daily lives which is why they are taken seriously by us. We appreciate being trusted as providers and will do everything possible to exceed expectations while providing enjoyable interactions with the state. Its truly an honor for us to serve you!

Welcome to Service Oklahoma

Diedra O'Neil - Chief Strategy and Operating Officer

To gain insight into our current state we must explore how it came to be.

Oklahoma's Service Oklahoma - A Year-Long Effort

Innovation for Future Success
Service Oklahoma has made significant progress since its inception by launching various products and services that have positively impacted tens of thousands of Oklahomans. We are excited to continue making an even greater difference!
Are you eager to explore our latest offerings or contribute your own product ideas? Look no further than the Innovation Hub for all relevant information!

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